Sunday Hi-5’s | Bicentennial Park

By Delvene

Mother nature served the perfect weather conditions for our outdoor family session this morning! Cool, wintry, cloudy, but dry enough for us to entertain two year old Liv. The best natural light filter for free.

We shot at one of my favourite locations – Bicentennial Park in Olympic Park. The park itself is so versatile, and provides many settings for couples, children and families alike.

I met little Liv and her family through mother’s group and had taken their family portraits under a year ago. This time however, we had the addition of some very special family members, the grandparents from both sides of the family. It’s always a wonderful touch to be able to include extended family in portraits, especially while the kids are this young and not able to see them on a regular basis. The other bonus is witnessing five adults simultaneously acting silly to get laughs out of the toddler you are trying to capture! Liv was an absolute delight too! She was recorded bopping to her favourite Hi-5 songs with mum and dad, throwing winter leaves and twigs up in the air and playing peek-a-boo behind the trees.

Here’s a sneak preview from this morning that is sure to make you smile :-)


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Happy Sunday everyone xx


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