A Little About Me

PBDMe-2So you already know I have a thing for beautiful photography. It’s well and truly my number one creative outlet, but here’s a condensed blurb to my other passions in life and how I came to be a photographer.

My road to photography started as a hobby in high school. I used to delight in experimenting with film photography and anticipate the end product of processing my black and white rolls of film in the darkroom at school. Eventually, teaching became my career and I was just photographing for fun. Years later I found myself capturing friends on their wedding day that I started to take on the odd job shooting weddings. In 2011, I completed my Diploma in Photography and not long after that I had my son. Immediately, I fell in love with photographing newborns and children!

When I’m not running my business, I swap my bulky camera gear for a bag filled with an iPad, books, resources and lessons. I’ve been a high school History teacher for over a decade. It’s challenging, inspiring, fun, busy, hectic, mentally and emotionally draining, not to mention relentless at times! Having stated that, it is without a doubt, the single most fulfilling paid job. The unpaid version is parenting of course, which I devote wholeheartedly to my beloved little guy and girl, Xavier and Sophie.

I’m a self-confessed nerd who loves spy-action and rom-com flicks, music with heart-warming vocals, speedy roadsters, handmade and vintage crafts and objects, sewing, interior decorating and my greatest weakness – desserts! I’m a wanderlust at heart and I can’t think of a better combination than travel and photography. Whisk me away to any destination, leave me to immerse in its history and culture, and I’m in heaven!