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New Year Wishes

By Delvene

As the new day of 2014 gets into full swing, I’d like to take the opportunity to wish our dearest clients, supporters and their families a wonderful year ahead. The last couple of months have been busy, and I am very grateful for the support my husband provides.

Last night, after putting our darling son to bed, we talked about our families and the sacrifices they have made to get us where we are today. We chatted through glasses of scotch (and a chardonnay for me), about how we could carry on their legacy within our own children, and the significance of New Year traditions for our future generations.

In 2013, we lost a very dear uncle, and today, and every other New Year’s Day, we pay our respects to the family’s past ancestors. We do this through Korean customs involving the get-together of the extended family, prayers, kowtows, the exchange of money, visits to where they rest, and plenty of food. I hope this continues to be part of our family’s New Year remembrance and celebration when our children are grown up.

What New Year traditions do your family follow? I hope that whatever they are, and however big or small, that it brings you joy and quality time together.

All the best for a fabulous New Year of good health, love and happiness.

Love Del. xx